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blonde20in20's Journal

Blonde 20 in 20
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Blonde 20 in 20 !

Hi! Welcome to blonde20in20 an icon challenge community when you have 20 days to make 20 icons.

This community is based on model20in20 & brunette20in20 and various other 20in20 communities. Thanks guys! It's a very good idea.

Rules !

→ To participate you must sign up in a round and then join the community for posting your entries.
→ You must choose one blonde (or has been a blonde before) singer, model, actor or actress to make 20 icons with.
→ You'll have 20 days to make and post your icons.
→ Your icons must be unpublished.
→ Your icons have to fit LJ standards (100x100 jpg or png).
→ Icons must be PG-13 appropriate.
→ Blending is allowed: You can also mix some pictures if you like. You can use textures, brushes, etc. but animation is NOT allowed.
→ When submitting your entry, please post three teaser icons and link us the other ones.
→ Subject for posting must be: Round #: Your chosen blonde.
→ You can post to the community or your own journal. Please leave the entry public untill voting finishes.
→ Enjoy & Good luck!

Challenges !

You will have 20 days to make 20 icons of your chosen blonde.
10 themes: The themes will be altered each round. Each icon in this category has an assigned theme, which can range from things like you'd see in a 100 challenge (such as colours, emotions, random words, etc).
5 Special icon set: The set category consists of 5 icons which all have something in common. Examples of set categories could be same picture, five textures, negative space, etc.
5 Artist's Choice: A set of five icons of your own choice.

Awards !

Best Theme: 1st - 3th place for individual theme icons.
Best Category Set: 1st - 3rd place sets for Category sets.
Bets Artist's Choice: 1st - 3rd place sets for Artist's Choice sets.
Best of the best: 1st - 3th place for individual Category Set icons & 1st - 3th place for individual Artist's Choice icons.

All winners will receive award banners.