June 29th, 2010

Actress ★ Kate Winslet

Round 01: Info

30 people! Thanks for sign up :D


→ Your icons must be unpublished.
→ Your icons have to fit LJ standards (100x100 jpg or png).
→ Icons must be PG-13 appropriate.
→ Blending is allowed: You can also mix some pictures if you like. You can use textures, brushes, etc. but animation is NOT allowed.
→ When submitting your entry, please post three teaser icons and link us the other ones.
→ Subject for posting must be: Round #: Your subject.
→ You can post to the community or your own journal. Please leave the entry public until voting is closed.
→ Don't submit your icons to this post.
→ ALL entries are due by Monday, July 19. Anything submitted after that date will not be accepted.
→ Don't add your own tags. A mod will do it for you.
→ Enjoy & Good luck!

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